What is offUgo and why should we be on your radar?


What is offUgo and why should we be on your radar?


Before anything we would like to thank you for being here, we can't wait to tell you who we are and why we rock!

We will make it easy for you: read the next 500 words and you will definitely want to rent a car with us if visit Mallorca (spoiler: if you want to spend the holidays with your mind at ease, we are your best bet! Otherwise you can spend half of you trip reading the small print of your rental contract).

We founded offUgo one year ago (yes, one month before the pandemic started. Good job, offUgo!) with the aim of bringing a bit of humanity and a lot of sustainability to the car rental industry. If you have ever rented a car, you know that the odds of having an issue are, sadly, quite high. At offUgo we realised that things could be done differently and we think we’re proving it every day (you can check our Google reviews here). 

What makes us different? First: we do not forget that we are people, just like you. Second: our service is extremely easy to use and our T&C are crystal clear (respect is key for us). And third: we strongly believe that a greener world is possible and, with any decision we make, we think about the consequences for our environment.

Concretely speaking, let us take you through what makes us different, OK? (we are not spying you through the monitor so please, if our service is not satisfying, would you be so kind to send us an e-mail to hello@offugo.es? Thank you :).

  1. We are people (just like you): at offUgo, when we pay for a service, we like to be treated kindness, respect and efficiency; this is exactly what we deliver to our own customers. So, what exactly do we do?

    • 24/7 Phone support from the moment you book: We will always answer your calls (if you call us at 4 a.m. we may sound a bit sleepy, but you'll still have our full attention!).

    • 24/7 road assistance during you trip: if you have any issue during your stay, we will be there to solve it. Do you have a flat tyre and need transport to catch your flight? We’ll be there. Need another car? Count on us. Craving for ice cream? Well, we won’t bring you an ice cream, but we can tell you where the good ice cream shops are!

    • Substitution vehicle always included: did anything happen to your car? Do not worry, we always have available spare fleet so you can focus on finding the most amazing beach.

    • Full coverage always included: we always show and sell closed price including full coverage without excess fee. You are free to lower a bit your daily rate and include an excess fee (maximum 800€), but we always deliver peace of mind so you can concentrate on that well deserved “chiringuito”.

  2. We are clear and transparent: we like when things are easy, and the best way to do that is to be straight forward and honest. How do we do it?

    • Closed price: what you pay is what you’ll ever pay. No tricks or hidden fees when you land. Easy.

    • T&C in large print: you can read our terms and conditions before booking. We are available 24/7 to try to solve any doubt that may arise. On top of that, we show the tough conditions first so, while reading, things can only get better.

    • We reward you with discounts if you help us: clean car upon return? 5% discount for you or anyone you want (our discounts codes are always shareable but please don't make a business out of it).

    • No queues: our cars will be waiting for you at the airport parking or we will be personally waiting for you. No matter how we do it, we grant you access to your car without waiting a single second. Upon arrival, you’ll know how to access your car (either through our app or our staff will be personally waiting for you).

    • Free cancellation up to 24h before the start of the booking: an unforseen setback? Sh** happens to everyone, so we want to make things easy for you. Cancel without penalty up to 24h before the start of the booking.

  3. Sustainability at logical prices!: we all can play our part in making this world a better and greener place. We’d love to operate on a full electric fleet. Unfortunately the public infrastructure is growing slower than the vehicles capabilities, so we cannot operate on a 100% electric fleet (yet). In addition, electric cars cost almost double the price compared to gas cars and, if we charge you double, even if we are the best company in the world, we understand that you would not pick us. As of today, 20% of our fleet is electric or plug-in hybrid and, if you want to rent one, you’ll see that the price is equivalent to their range gas brothers.

    • All our electric or plug-in cars are delivered with a charger so you can charge them at home. So, if you have rented a country house or have access to a parking, do not hesitate to try one of our ZOE’s or Captur’s, you won’t regret it! Their real range in above 350km (tested by us with the radio and air conditioning at full power). You’re going to save a great deal in fuel and get free access to public parkings without paying!

    • We commit to improve our eco-friendly capacity and to work on that underdeveloped infrastructure. That way, everybody will be able to enjoy a peaceful and cleaner Mallorca.

In the end it's been quite a few more words than we expected, but we hope this short novel will help you understand why offUgo is different, why we created this company, and why we would like you to count on us. We keep on being people, so you will always be able to contact us through our mail hello@offugo.es or through our phone numbers (check offugo.es).

That said, we let you keep on planning your holidays. We will be waiting for you in Mallorca to make sure your last concern will be the car!

Big hug from the island,

The offUgo Team