Apart from the amazing car, what do I get from offUgo?


Apart from the amazing car, what do I get from offUgo?

Hello! Here we are again!

In last week's post we told you who we are and what we do to make sure that during your holidays you only have to worry about which beach to pick.

Today we want to share with you the topics we are going to write about in this new adventure called the Offugo Blog. Here we go:

Offugo is a company founded in Mallorca by Majorcans. We defend that things can be done differently, much more human, and also profitable, and we fight hard to prove it every day. We believe in circular economy and that a new model is possible. We also think that collaborating is always a better option than competing so, since we are from the island, we have decided that we are going to make an effort to bring our clients closer to the small pleasures of our paradise.

And what are we going to talk about? Well, since not everything is the car, we are going to share with you topics such as:

  • Restaurants: where do Majorcans go to eat? which are our favourite bars to have a drink? And beach bars? Would you like to know that old bar that is still popular both for our grandparents and our children? Well, this is what we want to share with you. 

*Note: we do not have any agreement with any of the restaurants that may appear on this blog. We could do it, but it would lose the essence of sharing the best of the island without interest, so we are not going to do it.

  • Beaches: obviously, this section is a must. Which are the best beaches on the island? Where do locals go to "flee" from tourists? How do I choose the best beach based on the weather? Pebble or sand beach? And a thousand more questions. At the risk of some Majorcan throwing stones at us, we would like you to be able to use our cars to get to those places you really want to go. It seems incredible, but choosing and finding the paradise beach with crystal clear water is not always easy (hint: the wind plays a key role and we have a blog post about it). There are many beaches in Mallorca and it is difficult to choose which ones to visit. We will help you! :)

  • Leisure: is there something more than just beaches in Mallorca? A little excursion? Or a walk after a good lunch? What other activities are there in Mallorca that can make you happy during your visit? We anticipate that here we will talk a lot about the mountains of the island, but also about paragliding or balloon flights, guided routes in electric cars through the mountains with wonderful guides or amazing villages lost in the center of the island. In Mallorca there is much more than beach and party and we would like you to discover it with us.

  • Offugo: logically, we will publish articles about us, how to use our services or what we think about our cars. What do we do with them when the season ends? Would we buy them for private use? What do I do with a flat tire? If you like the world of cars or entrepreneurship, you will surely find interesting reads in our blog.

  • Sustainability: as we suppose you are beginning to suspect, Offugo has a clear sustainable vocation. We believe that there should be fewer cars in the world and that we have to change the way we move. The change will not happen overnight, but having a 20% hybrid and electric fleet is a strong commitment to the future. Here we will talk about the reality of electric cars and infrastructure (is the electric car the future?), what we do at Offugo to contribute our bit, what we can do to continue improving or how we believe that the future of mobility will look like.

These will be the five basic axes of the blog and we hope you like them a lot. We are open to any suggestions so please do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to talk about something special. You can always write to us at blog@offugo.es.

We will publish an entry a week and we will share with you tips and keys about Mallorca and its secrets that we hope will make you as happy as we are.

A big hug,

The Offugo Team